With the commencement of the academic year 2022-23, APS Kandrori has offered a diverse range of activity clubs to uphold the task of holistic development of the students. Following clubs are introduced for classes 1-9 : 
Sr No Club 
1  Book Club 
2  Creative Writing 
3  Public Speaking Club
4  Western Dance Club
5  Traditional/Folk 
6  Indoor Games Club
7  Eco Club
8  Theater Club
9 Vlogger  and Photography club
10 Vocal/Instrument
11 DIY Club
12 Karate Club
13 Archery Club    
14 Taekwondo Club    

Images Gallery of Clubs

Book Club

Creative Writing Club

Public Speaking Club

Western Dance Club

Traditional/Folk Club

Indoor Games Club

Eco Club

Theater Club


Vlogger / Photography Club


Vocal / Instrument Club


DIY Club

Karate Club

Archery Club


Taekwondo Club